Phil - October 2022:

We were absolutely delighted with Bethan's work with us and here is the link to re wonderful report about our proposed community energy scheme. LINK

Bethan – 07/06/22

This is my second week working for B2Z and I’m having a great time so far! I started my role with a visit to Brampton two weeks ago. I met Lucy Ingham, the other intern, and Phil. We all cycled round Brampton looking at the farms, fields, and town. We stopped off at the local schools and community centre to have a look at where some of the solar panels might go for the renewable energy generation project. It was great to be able to see Brampton in person and meet some local business owners and residents before embarking on the project.

Since starting, I have met with Scene, the company who are assessing the feasibility of a solar powered electric car fleet which residents can use. We have discussed how solar panels on the roof of the community centre could power electric vehicle chargers and I will be helping to assess how much power the community centre uses. I am also helping to write the newsletter for B2Z, organising volunteer days, and helping to plan outreach events to spread the word of what B2Z does.

So far, I am loving working for Phil and B2Z and hopefully I will have made a positive impact to Brampton by the end of August!

Brampton 2 Zero Community Energy Launch event on June 21st

First stop:

Meeting with Sandy Robinson from Scene, an environmental consultancy; Kate Gilmartin, Community Energy Investment Lead and Rural Community Energy Fund NW delivery Officer; and Phil Furneaux and Bethan Hobson from Brampton 2 Zero.

We first met at the community centre to discuss how the Scene feasibility study is progressing. Currently we are still collecting data from the community centre and businesses on the industrial estate to model how much power will need to be generated from solar panels. These will power the community centre plus an electric vehicle car club for the community.

Second stop: Trip to the industrial estate to visit Carl Barnett and Phil Farish from Farish Groundworks.

We then drove over to the industrial estate to discuss installing solar panels onto the roofs of several businesses to provide cheap and renewable energy. This was a very positive conversation. Carl already has an electric courtesy car for his customers to use and has started to install solar panels onto the roof.