Picture of Brampton Fell Moss

In 1982 the Brampton Beck flooded:



The Brampton Beck rises at Brampton Fell Moss which is just opposite the Brampton railway Station. Thanks to local historian Iain Parsons for the photo.


Brampton 2 Zero realized that Brampton Fell Moss had a massive capacity to store carbon and so set about scoping a regeneration scheme.

B2Z director, Philip Sage wrote a report LINK which was used to look for supporters for this project. This led them to work with the Environment Agency in Penrith to submit a grant for a Natural Flood  Management scheme which was successful.

They are now working with the landowner and members of the EA, Penrith to move forward to secure an upfront payment for them to write a business plan before the end of August. 

When we are successful in securing these funds we shall report the scheme fully.