Number 4: Brampton 2 Zero Josh's Last Blog:(                                                                                    01/02/2024

Harvesting Hope for The Future 

As my time at Brampton 2 Zero draws to a close, I can't help but reflect on the incredible journey we've shared in pursuit of a Net-zero future. The moments of collaboration, the initiatives we've launched, and the positive impact we've made on the community have left an indelible mark on my professional and personal growth. 

Together, we've planted the seeds of change in the form of hedge planting, fostering biodiversity and contributing to carbon sequestration. The success of the Gift a Tree scheme has not only brought solace to individuals remembering their loved ones but has also added a lush layer of greenery, enhancing local biodiversity.

Our partnership with Cumbria Action for Sustainability (CAfS) has been particularly fulfilling. The Energy Champions Information Session this week was a true highlight, attended by representatives from Citizens Advice and Age UK, collaborating and sharing valuable insights, offering practical tips and personalised advice. The collaborative effort ensures a comprehensive approach to addressing diverse energy needs in the Local area. To our community outreach efforts at local events and leafleting, we've actively engaged with the community, spreading awareness about energy-saving measures, making homes more eco-friendly.

The walks in the countryside, web-based information sharing about eco-sites around Brampton, have not only connected us with nature but have also empowered the community with knowledge about the local environment.

The Brampton Farmers Market and William Howards Schools Eco Fair were incredible platforms to share our mission, educate the public, and garner support for our initiatives. It's heartening to see the community's enthusiasm and willingness to be a part of the sustainable change we envision.

As I bid farewell to this chapter, I carry with me a profound sense of gratitude for the collective efforts, the camaraderie, and the positive change we've initiated. Brampton 2 Zero has been more than an organisation; it's a community of like-minded individuals driven by a common vision.

The impact we've made together will continue to reverberate in the community and contribute to the broader movement towards a sustainable and net-zero future. As I step into new endeavours, I do so with the lessons learned, memories cherished, and the optimism that comes from being part of something truly transformative.

Thank you, Brampton 2 Zero. Here's to the next chapter of sustainable endeavours. I wish you all the very best.

Number 3:Brampton 2 Zero Josh's Blog, 23/01/2024

Community Net Carbon Zero Projects in Brampton

Sowing Seeds of Change: A Journey of Working for Brampton 2 Zero

Greetings, fellow eco-enthusiasts! It's time for a Brampton 2 Zero update on the exciting projects we've been immersed in lately. As we navigate the path to sustainability and community engagement, I am thrilled to share the progress we've made over the past couple months. From biodiversity projects to community outreach, here's a snapshot of the impactful work happening at Brampton 2 Zero.

Biodiversity Project: Unity Farm Hedge Plants:

Despite facing some challenges with the weather, our commitment to biodiversity remains unwavering. The 'Big Hedge Plant event' initially scheduled for January 20th had to be postponed due to the frozen terrain. However, we're optimistic about our upcoming event on February 17th, where we plan to plant over 2,500 tree saplings. This initiative not only provides a thriving habitat for local wildlife but also plays a crucial role in achieving our carbon capture goals, showcasing our dedication to ecological sustainability.

Gift a Tree Scheme:

Our Gift a Tree scheme has been a tremendous success, allowing individuals to dedicate trees to lost loved ones while contributing to local biodiversity and carbon capture. Managing bookings, planting logistics, and tree procurement has been a rewarding endeavour, and the positive response from our customers highlights the meaningful impact this initiative has on our community and environment.

Community Engagement with Cumbria Action for Sustainability (CAfS):

Collaborating with Cumbria Action for Sustainability (CAfS), we're actively involved in their "Cold to Cosy Homes" project. To enhance community awareness and participation, we have organised an Energy Champions Information Session at the Brampton Community Centre on January 31st. Moreover, our newly acquired folding table and leaflet holder have become valuable tools for connecting with the community, disseminating information about CAfS' Cold to Cosy scheme, and promoting our own sustainability projects. We have deployed this tactic in community settings within Brampton, such as the Community Centre and Co-op. We hope to continue this approach targeting other community settings such as the back of the Church and Cumberland Building Society. We believe this will be an effective approach. This proactive approach aims to educate individuals about energy-saving measures, creating warmer, more comfortable, and eco-friendly homes.

Community Outreach:

I've been out and about, engaging with the public at local events such as the Brampton Farmers Market and William Howard School's Eco Fair. These opportunities have allowed us to share insights into Brampton 2 Zero's mission, encouraging community participation and fostering a sense of environmental responsibility. Awareness is key, and these interactions have proven instrumental in spreading the word about the positive impact we can collectively make.

Walks in the Countryside: Web-based Information on Eco-sites around Brampton:

Introducing an innovative concept, we are developing various walkers maps with signposts to ecological points of interest around Brampton. Complete with photos and details. QR codes will be shared with the Parish Council and Brampton Walkers Are Welcome, encouraging people to ‘Connect with Nature'. The content includes insights on carbon sequestration, diverse habitats like bogs and meadows, ancient woodlands, and the natural regeneration of trees. It's a unique way to explore and appreciate the environmental wonders right on our doorstep.


Number 2:Brampton 2 Zero Josh's Blog, 20/11/2023


Embracing Impact: A Journey of Working for Brampton 2 Zero 

I find myself stepping into the second month of my journey with Brampton 2 Zero, and what a remarkable experience it has been. Immersed in the vibrant energy of this organisation, I am truly enjoying the camaraderie with new faces, united by a shared passion for a cause of paramount importance – the pursuit of making Brampton Net Zero.

Since my last blog post, I've had the privilege of connecting with the community at the Brampton Farmers Market. Engaging in conversations, we've been informing and inspiring individuals about Brampton 2 Zero's mission and the myriad ways they can actively participate. Our presence at this local event has been pivotal in raising awareness and fostering a sense of community around our shared goals.

Participating in the B2Z board meeting was a fascinating experience, offering insights into the multiple projects/initiatives underway. The synergy and depth of commitment among the team is truly inspiring.

Excitement is building for the upcoming Big Hedge Plant at Talkin Tarn on November 25th. This event, part of our Biodiversity projects, involves planting 1,600 tree saplings. These trees will not only create a habitat for diverse wildlife and a corridor for pollinators and animals but also contribute significantly to our Carbon offsetting initiative.

The ‘Gift a Tree' service at Talkin Tarn has been launched this week. This innovative service allows individuals to make a sustainable dedication by gifting a native tree. The impact of this gesture extends beyond the sentimental value, contributing to carbon sequestration, providing a haven for wildlife, and enhancing overall biodiversity. 

Our outreach efforts continue with active leafleting in Brampton, supporting Cumbria Action for Sustainability (CAfS) and their Cold to Cosy Homes project. Specifically targeting Gelt Rise, Stanley Road, Dacre Road and Berrymoor Road and more. As part of our collaboration with CAfS, I have also attended the Energy Champions Information Session. This initiative is designed to inform and educate the community about energy-saving measures, making homes warmer, more comfortable, and more eco-friendly.

Working for Brampton 2 Zero instils a profound sense of purpose. Beyond driving change, we are actively shaping our local community. Our commitment to sustainability, community engagement, and ecological initiatives reflects the core values of our organisation. As we navigate this journey, we are reminded of the responsibility to… 

"Preserve and cherish the pale blue dot, the only home we've ever known."


Number 1: Brampton 2 Zero Blog, 24/10/2023

Discovering our Potential: A Journey of Working for Brampton 2 Zero

During my first couple of weeks, I have discovered Brampton 2 Zero is an organisation that is making waves in the sustainability space. With a mission focused on redefining the future of urban living, by increasing biodiversity and fostering an eco-friendly community approach, Brampton 2 Zero offers a unique and exciting opportunity for those who want to be part of the change. In this blog article, I will delve into what it means to work for Brampton 2 Zero exploring the dynamic nature of my work.

At the heart of Brampton 2 Zero is a profound commitment to sustainability, the organisation's mission is to create a zero-carbon, sustainable environment. Working for Brampton 2 Zero means contributing to projects that have a tangible and lasting impact on the environment, making Brampton and surrounding areas more eco-friendly increasing resilience to climate change step by step.

As part of our Biodiversity projects, we are organising a Big Hedge Plant at Talkin Tarn on 25th November, Planting over 1,500 tree saplings which will provide a habitat for a wide range of wildlife while aiding the Carbon offsetting initiative. Furthermore, organising our Living Wood project at Talkin Tarn, Living Woods is a concept developed by Brampton 2 Zero enabling people to make a nature-based dedication to someone or something. This sustainable dedication pays for a native tree, which will sequester carbon during its lifetime, provide food and shelter for birds and insects and contribute towards increasing the biodiversity. I will also be developing our B2Z community engagement with the Brampton Community with Cumbria Action for Sustainability (CAfS) Cold to Cosy Homes project. This initiative offers free and independent energy saving advice and equipment to help make homes warmer, more comfortable, and cheaper to heat and ultimately more eco-friendly.

One of the most compelling aspects of working for Brampton 2 Zero is the strong sense of purpose, working to make a real difference in the local area, this sense of purpose combined with the mission-driven work is highly motivating and fulfilling. Working for Brampton 2 Zero is not just a job; it's an opportunity to be part of something bigger than oneself. It's a chance to make a significant impact on the environment, communities, and the future of urban living. If you are passionate about sustainability Brampton 2 Zero could be the perfect place for you, we are always looking for more budding volunteers to Join the journey of redefining urban living and be a part of the change that's shaping a better, more sustainable future for Brampton and beyond.

“Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water, the actions of individuals can have far-reaching effects.”


Josh Kenedy