Lucy grew up near Brampton and went to William Howard School. She then completed a degree in Environmental Science at University of Leeds, keen to learn about the atmosphere and climate change. She returned to Cumbria, feeling attached to the area and has spent the last couple of years exploring her interests, which eventually led her to Brampton 2 Zero. Working as a teaching assistant and as a climbing instructor developed her confidence and inter-personal skills, but never felt like she saw a future in either. She found planting trees and wildflowers, building wildlife corridors, and restoring peatland with the Eden Valley Trust and B2Z incredibly rewarding. Lucy wants to pursue a career that protects ecosystems and wildlife. She gained a summer placement with B2Z as the research officer and is working on calculating the carbon footprint of Brampton as well as communicating with local famers. 

B2Z were able to gain a grant from Cumbria County Council for a salary to enable Lucy to take the role as a research officer. Lucy worked on measuring Brampton's carbon footprint and carried out a survey of the local formers attitude to climate change.

B2Z are delighted with Lucy's work and present her report (click below). LINK