As part of a wider project to develop a field at the back of Tarn Road Nurseries as a wildlife area, Brampton and Bewcastle Scouts took part in planting a variety of trees around the border of a meadow land area. The enthusiasm of the scouts is evident in this report by Border TV. Thanks to Dave Coates and Mark (scout leaders) for organising the event. Thanks also to the many people who sponsored the individual trees which ranged from scots pine to rowan to willow to birch and oak. James England, Forestry Officer supervised the planting and liaised with Fountain Forestry to provide the trees. B2Z volunteers helped, along with the many parents of scouts whose ages ranged from juniors right up to eighteen year olds. We mustn't fail to mention Coco Reynolds and John Treeby who are in charge of the land, and want to see it used as a resource for future generations.

Well done to all. This is the start of great things at Tarn Rd. Nurseries.