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The Plan

We deliver our net zero projects by working within the community network, aligning with government priorities and seeking partnerships with experts in community projects. The cost-of-living crisis is giving increasing emphasis and importance to the potential of local community renewable energy projects. We want to play our part in delivering the UK's ambition to increase solar capacity by nearly fivefold by 2035. Our concept of a community solar cooperative has emerged from a feasibility study funded by Rural Community Energy England.  

B2Z is in the process of setting up a separate Community Energy Group which will work with the Schools Energy Cooperative and Energy 4 All to install and operate the community solar arrays. The funds to install the arrays will come from a public share offer. First preference for the share offer will be given to the local community. Our investment in local solar will increase our resilience, improve local cohesion, provide impetus to our ambitions for retrofitting homes and supporting local sustainable employment. 

Brampton Community Energy  profits will allow B2Z to invest in a portfolio of environment and other energy projects to accelerate our delivery of net zero and ensure a just transition for our local rural community. During our feasibility study we identified the following potential community benefit providers: William Howard School, Brampton Community Centre and Brampton Primary School.

The schematic diagram below outlines the scheme.

Community Net Carbon Zero Projects in Brampton













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