Biodiversity: Tree Planting at Talkin Tarn


Tree planting at Talkin Tarn

B2Z have successfully collaborated with Cumberland Council to obtain permission to develop two sites at the country park Talkin Tarn.

This project is a concept developed by Brampton 2 Zero to enable people to make a dedication is a sustained way leaving a growing tree which will sequester carbon during its lifetime, provide food and shelter for birds and insects and contribute towards increasing the biodiversity of our community.

“Leave no trace” means the woodland will be as natural as possible, not grass cut and no memorabilia

Trees for dedications?

Dedication trees could be planted to remember a loved one or celebrate an occasion such as a birth or friendship.. whatever you like.

You will plant a single tree which is about 5 years old and 2m tall. You have a choice of trees and the location is the grass bank just to the left of the new development.

Your certificate will include the location as a ‘What_three_words' reference and a link to MAPS on mobile phone systems.

Minimum donation: £50 




Trees for future generations?

A family is allowed 5sq meters of land and select 5 trees to plant. The whips will be 2 years old and 60cm tall. They are protected by a tube which will be removed when the tree can look after itself.

The trees are selected so there is a mixture of slow growing oaks/ sycamores and faster growing birch or rowan plus a hazel.

This will help create a diverse woodland for all wildlife.

Minimum donation: £100



 The Procedure

Interested? Send a message to

Planting will be organised for November to March.

You will select your tree(s), arrange a planting time (one hour slots) and pay a donation. 

We will be able to use your donation for match funding from other sources for our environment projects such as the Wild Isles Community Fund


How do I order my tree(s)?

Write an email to and you will be sent a form and payment details.

What happens if my tree(s) die?

B2Z cannot accept responsibility for health and well being of the trees as it is a public place.

Can I leave a memorial plaque next to the trees?

No, we have a “leave no trace” policy so the Planted Woods should be as natural as possible.

What will happen to the tree guards?

We will purchase the most environmental friendly guard appropriate to your tree and will remove them when the tree is strong enough.

Are the trees locally sourced?

Yes, all our trees are grown locally and only native species are provided.

Can I plant a tree anytime?

No, the planting time is restricted from November to March and a B2Z volunteer must be present at the planting.

How can future generations locate my tree(s)?

Your certificate will include the location as a ‘What_three_words' reference and a link to MAPS on mobile phone systems.

What does the donation go towards?

All donations will help B2Z complete their environmental projects.

Do I have to plant the tree(s)?

No, we will plant the trees for you and send you a picture with the coordinates for others to locate at a future date.

I cannot afford the minimum donation but really want to plant a tree.

No problem, get in touch and we can discuss :)

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