The Concept 

Many of us want to reduce the carbon footprint of our locality, and take a proactive role in the Climate Emergency.

Brampton is well-placed to act as a flagship example of how a community can work together in achieving this aim. It is a central market town in the north of Cumbria with close-knit community links. Local groups, such as Sustainable Brampton, and Brampton and Beyond, have been running for years.


Community Net Carbon Zero Projects in Brampton

A sustainable environmental community in Brampton

These promote sustainable practices and raise awareness of environmental issues through lectures, a reading group and exploring local renewable energy supply. The town also enjoys strong support from local residents and businesses who take an active interest in eco-friendly practices. These include sustainable self-builds, a thriving farmers’ market, a community garden and active social media groups. In addition, two shops provide replenish/recycle products for the community.


Building on solid foundations

As an environmental community in Brampton, we would like to build on this foundation by practically implementing sustainable energy solutions and a comprehensive scheme of community land management to increase biodiversity and increase carbon sequestration on a large scale.

A small town like Brampton has more control over its energy supply than a larger town or city. Due to our proximity to the countryside, we are well placed to take action, by setting up a community energy scheme involving green hydrogen as an energy source and solar power generation through panels situated on the roofs of local businesses and residences.

Projects are already underway to advise and help land-owners to develop community woodland, hedgerow planting, establish open meadows and secure existing peat bogs.

People get inspired by progress and success. This project will facilitate Brampton inhabitants to be proud of a town at the forefront of the road to a decarbonised future and developing a thriving community with climate change resilience.

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Phil Furneaux, Carbon-free Brampton People


| Phil Furneaux

Phil is a town resident who has lived in Brampton for more than thirty years. His work as a physics teacher at William Howard School, a Parish Councillor, and for a time Chair of the Brampton Youth Project means he has many contacts within the town. He was also awarded a Fellowship with Lancaster University Physics Department and enjoys access to the research resources available at the University. Last year he was co-author of the educational website Sustainability Physics for Schools where he learned that the technology and experience is available and became convinced that Brampton could achieve zero carbon status.




Alison Ireland |

Alison started her technology journey as an Oxford graduate in English Literature, working as marketing director of Global Water Intelligence. After several years of assimilating and analysing this sector, she became an experienced water and energy market consultant and researcher with an in-depth knowledge of markets, who has worked with many large global players in this field. She is currently investigating green hydrogen as part of the energy transition in the form of a PhD at Lancaster University, and is particularly interested in the role of smaller market actors, technology and innovation diffusion. As part of the EU-funded GISMO programme she works with SMEs in Cheshire Warrington to help them to understand their options with regard to green hydrogen.

 Alison Ireland, Carbon-free Brampton People


Dr Michelle Rae, Carbon-free Brampton People


| Dr Michelle Rae

Michelle has a background in biomedical science to PhD level. Her CV includes: Cellular Therapies Manager at Newcastle Bioscience Cellular Therapies Faculty; Tissue Culture Production (TCP) Operations Manager and Design (Technical) Transfer Manager at LEICA BIOSYSTEMS (Newcastle); Quality Management Consultant (Director) with Athena; and is now Auditor (Client Manager Medical Devices EIMA Region) with the British Standards Institute (BSI). Michelle is an accomplished and qualified quality management professional with a broad background in the scientific arena. Michelle is also passionate environmentalist, Brampton resident and allotment holder.




Lulu Guinness |

Lulu has lived in the Brampton area for over twenty years. She runs the Geltsdale Singers — an open access community choir which she founded in 2014. She has worked as a yoga teacher, doula (birth companion) and, after completing a fine art degree at Cumbria University, continues to create work as a video poet. She is developing a project, Kin Hill, with a view to creating a centre for arts and regenerative agriculture.   She is passionate about finding different ways of deepening our relationship to the land and eachother.

 Lulu Guiness, Carbon-free Brampton People


Victoria Wood, Carbon-free Brampton People

| Victoria Wood 

Victoria is an architect with Architects Plus, based in Carlisle. She has a vision for cradle to cradle design — a passion which germinated at University. Since then, she has developed a strong belief in helping disseminate environmental solutions to communities through cooperation and engagement. This means she currently volunteers with Cumbria Action for Sustainability and the Carlisle One World Centre. She supports Sustainable Carlisle and is a member of the Architects Climate Action Network sub-committee for Climate Literacy. Her interests include the circular economy and promoting the retrofitting of existing buildings to mitigate climate change. She spent two years in Lao PDR where she undertook Permaculture Design training, and delivered a natural building course, together with many other projects. Victoria has shown an interest in leading the home retrofitting dimension of the Brampton 2 Zero project.




Tom Adams |

Tom is a retired Biology teacher and keen naturalist with a background in ecology. He is also an author and audio narrator. As well as contributing to the biodiversity element of B2Z’s work, he has taken on a role in promoting the project through social media. His interests include looking after an allotment, green politics and observing wildlife. He has lodged in Brampton most of his life. You will often see him writing in Brampton’s Off The Wall café.

 Tom Adams,Carbon-free Brampton People


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