Making Brampton a beacon for other towns in the region

We have a number of ongoing carbon neutral projects in Brampton. This includes increasing woodland, and planting orchards and nurseries. We also aim to assist with retrofitting homes by adding insulation and installing energy efficient heat pumps, setting up solar panels, and installing electric vehicle charging points.



 Planting Trees as part of our community carbon net zero projects in Brampton


Blazing The Environmental Trail

To view our carbon neutral projects in Brampton, click on each link and find out more about our work. We are always looking for help, both from volunteers and potential stakeholders, to provide practical support or financial backing. If you are interested in making Brampton a zero carbon town, contact Brampton 2 Zero via email:

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Biodiversity Projects




We are also working on...



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You can help with our community net carbon zero projects. Email .

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