Making Brampton a transition town

We have a number of ongoing carbon neutral projects in Brampton. This includes increasing woodland, and planting orchards and nurseries. We also aim to assist with retrofitting homes by adding insulation and installing energy efficient heat pumps, setting up solar panels, and installing electric vehicle charging points.



Our Current and Future projects
1 – Home retrofits

Retrofitting is the term that describes altering your existing home to be more energy efficient. This can include insulating, through external and internal cladding, cavity wall, loft, etc; draught proofing through double glazing, draught excluders, sealing internal and external doors; energy system upgrades through more efficient boilers, heat pumps, solar water heaters and solar panels.

Brampton 2 Zero (B2Z) is working with Cumbria Action for Sustainability (CAfS) to implement their Cold to Cosy Home initiative, to work with homes to help reduce their energy bills, by reducing the energy that's lost to the environment. This is done using a variety of the above methods, and in the future B2Z is looking to offer our own retrofitting services, linking up with local trades people. Link to cold to cosy: 

B2Z is also working with CAfS on their Solar Made Easy Projects

Solar Made Easy Press Release: The Castle Carrock, Brampton and Hallbankgate Parish Councils are liaising with Cumbria Action for Sustainability and Brampton 2 Zero to facilitate the process of the homes installing solar panels/ batteries – Solar Made Easy.CAfS has kindly commissioned a “solar mapping” exercise for the village to determine the suitability of homes as potential sites for solar panels.If you are interested in seeing whether your property might have a viable roof-space please come along to review the mapping results for your home:Castle Carrock: The Watson Institute (Castle Carrock Village Hall) on Tuesday 5th September from 7:30 to 9:30pm 

Hallbankgate: 29th August Village Hall from 6.30 to 8pm 

Brampton: The Moot Hall from 6.30 to 8pm (TBC) ..

contact: Phil Furneaux:

Bring your electricity bills with you to help calculate your payback time on the investment.

There is a joint consultation meeting with CAfS and Solar Panel installers on. 11th September 2023. at the Brampton Community Centre at 7pm

Together, we can help home owners decide whether solar panels are right for your home or business. If so you will be able to quotes from local vetted installers.

Come to this event and meet CAfS and the installers

2 – Biodiversity and carbon capture projects

Brampton 2 Zero is working with various local partners including land owners, parish and county councils, Natural England, and local schools to implement various biodiversity projects. These projects include, wetland restoration, peat bog maintenance, tree and hedge planting, and invasive species management.

As B2Z's goal is to reach net zero carbon emissions, these projects are aimed at carbon storage and carbon sequestration. See Biodiversity section below.

3 – Net zero education

Education is the key to changing the way people think about nature and conservation. Brampton 2 Zero is working with local educational institutions such as Brampton Primary School, William Howard secondary school, and the  Lancaster University. However, learning doesn't stop with the schools, we run volunteer days to help manage some of our biodiversity projects and help manage invasive Himalayan balsam that has found a home in the area.See Education section below.

4 – Solar Cooperative

Becoming net zero for large businesses isn't easy. Brampton 2 Zero is working with some large organisations in Brampton to install large solar panel arrays on their buildings. This project will reduce their reliance on grid power. Furthermore, shares will be sold to local people to give them an opportunity to invest in a green project. See Energy section below.

 Planting Trees as part of our community carbon net zero projects in Brampton


Blazing The Environmental Trail

To view our carbon neutral projects in Brampton, click on each link and find out more about our work. We are always looking for help, both from volunteers and potential stakeholders, to provide practical support or financial backing. If you are interested in making Brampton a zero carbon town, contact Brampton 2 Zero via email:

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Biodiversity Projects




Energy Projects


Education Projects

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