B2Z mission statement is to reduce Brampton's carbon emissions and increase our resilience to climate change.

Many of us want to reduce the carbon footprint of our locality and take a proactive role in combatting the Climate Emergency. Brampton 2 Zero is a Community Interest Company set up to practically implement sustainable energy solutions and  encourage projects to enable resilience to climate change,. The result of our community net carbon zero projects will be increased biodiversity and carbon sequestration within the Brampton community.







A grassroots group determined to make a difference

We are embarking on a number of community net carbon zero projects around the town of Brampton. These include increasing community woodland, forested areas and hedgerows maintaining peat bogs, and planting orchards and wildlife gardens. We also aim to assist with retrofitting homes, installing solar panels, and electric vehicle charging points. Our approach is not to wait for change from governments, councils and large businesses but to bring about this change ourselves, with a view to making Brampton a carbon neutral town and promoting the wellbeing of all our residents and visitors.

You can learn more about our goals and our members here. 

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looking to volunteer ? 

If you want to help us in any way, we will be overjoyed to hear from you. We are always looking for people to help, even if it's just a small amount, and to join in our community activity. We have a wide range of ongoing projects waiting for you to get involved in.

We also welcome investors, sponsors, partners, and other environmental groups in Cumbria, and are happy to team up to help any environmental project in and around Brampton. You can also sign up to our email list to receive updates on our latest projects and developments.

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Why get involved in our community net carbon zero projects?

  • Get outdoors in the countryside among the forests, fields and wildlife of Cumbria
  • Take part in the battle against global warming
  • Meet great people with in-depth knowledge of the environment and ecology




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Renaturing the land

We are constantly on the lookout for landowners in and around the town of Brampton to join us in our community net carbon zero projects. Renaturing land, even on a small scale, makes a huge difference to the community's carbon output. Further to this, it will become a wonderful sanctuary to wildlife and make the area more attractive and varied. Even converting a small part of your garden to a wildflower meadow is a wonderful contribution.

We have established links with Brampton Green and Wild FB group, the Cumbria Wildlife Trust and Sustainable Brampton.

If you are a local landowner interested in taking part in our community net carbon zero projects, email us today at

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If you would like to get involved in any of our community net carbon zero projects, contact us here through

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