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B2Z volunteers have planted 1000 trees!

B2Z volunteers have planted 1000 trees!


Brampton Beck Natural Flood Management Scheme

The story of B2Z's Natural Flood Manage Scheme for Brampton Beck.  more  

Connecting with nature Survey

B2Z are collaborating with the Lancaster University student society "Climate Action" and are using a survey to discover how the university community compares with the Brampton Comm...  more  

Josh's experience of working with B2Z

The Blog of Josh's experience with B2Z  more  

Announcing B2Z first employee.

Announcing B2Z first employee.  more  

Introduction to Lucy

Introduction to Lucy Ingham and her final report  more  

Bethan Hobson's experience of working with B2Z

Bethan describes her first two weeks with Brampton 2 Zero and her report  more  

Brampton 2 Zero's Launch

Brampton 2 Zero officially launch was on 10th April 2022. This is the press release.  more  

First Tree Planting for B2Z and the Scouts

Sunday February 27th saw 360 trees planted at Tarn Road Nurseries to kick start carbon sequestration in Brampton.  more  

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